The Booklet blog

Girls from The Booklet blog have spent a lot of time on the Plaza in the past weeks. In addition to writing articles for the 3rd edition of the Plaza's webzine, Camille DG and her collegues came by our girls clothing boutiques to get some inspiration for the summer.

Here are some of their discoveries


- Camille and her sporty/girly look from Petite Rebelle

- Virgine and her little red dress from Belle et Rebelle

- Camille and her native american look from Boutique Onze

- The complete outfit of Joelle from Belle et Rebelle

- Camille, the countrywoman inspired by Boutique Onze

- Camille with Jasmine's look, straight from Aladdin (and Belle et Rebelle!)

- The long skirt is one of Camille's best choices

Thanks girls!


Here are some pictures of these gorgeous ladies